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[Nov07'2006 08:20PM]
I am so incredibly happy for my parents!! they just bought a house in Fremont and we are going to refurnish it entirely, its going to be a year long project with the family..very exciting :)

[Sep05'2006 11:51PM]
I'm going to be honest with myself. Having left my hometown (or at least the first city I grew up in when i first landed on this country) and having moved away from it in the middle of highschool, then moved back has really been the most awkward transition of my life.

It sucks having entered my pre-teen years and exited them, then followed my early teenage years with the same friends, then having to go through a painful phase of having to leave everything and everyone I grew up with behind. I struggled so much during my first year in San Diego. I'd cry about what I left behind. After trying to exit that shell of independence I tried to socialize more, and the more I let myself be, I actually got used to living in such a (truly) nice environment and I let myself once again, open up and become affectionate to people and places.

Having actually established some of the closest relationships I have ever made during my senior year, again..having to move back to my "hometown" after having gone through so much in one year (possibly more than had gone through my freshmen and sophomore year combined) has been tough. Not going to lie.

It's true that college was going to tear everyone apart..but sometimes I feel like I'm being pulled in two directions. I truly dispise it, but the fact of the matter is, I don't know who my true friends are anymore. Sure, I call so and so my friend, or she and him a "shoulder to cry on," but let's be honest, if I were stuck in a certain situation, would that individual drive himself a certain distance to help me? I don't know. I ask myself this question often.

I'm one of those who socializes with different people. I like to be friends with many and whether it'd be quiet people, nerdy people, party people, so let it be. So who is part of this list, known as "my friends?" Probably a little bit of all those people, but now I've come to realize I am puzzled by who really would lend me a hand when I am in need of one. .

Ironically, San Diego is seen as this sheltered bubble (at least where I resided, the Del Mar/ La Jolla area) of plastic and fake niceness, and truthfully, I think that these 3 certain individuals whom I've known for less than 2 years, would actually be more of a friend role than the "friends" I've had in Fremont for the past six years.

I know that I play a role in this too. I did, at times, distance myself from old surroundings and people, and I do somewhat believe in the saying, "What an individual gets is the cause of his own misery," but is this really what I deserve? There are people out there who I have cared so much about, yet it seems like I don't get much in return except a "hey lets 'watch a movie' "

Maybe I'm over analyzing everything about my social life, and maybe not. To be honest, I don't know.

But that's just me, I think about things too much, too often.

[Aug20'2006 10:51AM]
i watched accepted. it was pretty good!!!! its funny, i was surprised how good it was.

[Jul21'2006 09:57PM]
I got a job offer to be on this weekly television series where mixed kids appear on tv or something. I went to the interview and yeah basically I can't do it because I'm only here temporarily so I wouldn't be able to do at least 5 episodes, which they need (which would keep me here till September which again is a def no-go by the parents)

I am so bummed!!!! ;( Oh well it wasn't very good pay anyway, only $50 per episode. kinda sad huh , i thought i'd get like $300/episode or something lol

[Jul17'2006 06:29AM]
um so pretty much i am the master at finding bargains in taiwan. talk about good "sah-ja" practice.

i got cute wedges for $6. yeah,

more bargain shopping adventures to come.

[Jul11'2006 07:24AM]
going to japan today
7/11 - 7/15 = japan
7/16 - 7/29 = taiwan

facebook me your #'s/emails if you are going to be in either or . xD

[Jul10'2006 07:46PM]
i was looking back on entries...

wow? what the fuck? i wrote some randomass entries.

on a better note for me at least..

san diego here i come !!!!!! not until august though. ;(


[Jul03'2006 10:40AM]
so its only been a few days since i've been in fremont.. and you don't understand how much i miss sd!!!!!! :(

[Jul03'2006 10:37AM]
i have never texted this much in my entire life. i just checked how many texts i sent/received (i do this like every week to keep track and stuff)

'IN' Txt Msgs Sent: 400
'IN' Txt Msgs Received: 368
Other Txts Sent: 50
Other Txts Received: 62
Pix-Flix Msgs Sent: 2
Pix-Flix Mgs Received: 3

885 text messages this month alone..WOW.
don't text me too much if you dont have verizon :(

[Jun26'2006 01:11PM]
you know you had it rough the night before when you wake up and discover several rather mysterious bruises in random places of your body.

sweet jesus why is everyone jumping to conclusions? hahaha

[Jun26'2006 11:21AM]
I live life to its fullest

what a nonstop thriller and quote inspiration quote for his hard knock balls

[Jun04'2006 08:28PM]
i came home today instead of tomorroww and i'm glad about it
nikola found a cute swimsuit at old navy and so i bought it
it has pink sequins!!!!!

i'm gonna beach it this week. everyday man!!!!!! i missed it so much when i was gone this weekend

thanks christina michelle nikola gi laverne and everyone else. prom was fun and christina thanks for letting me stay over haha


if u guys have any pics with me in em, u can leave em in comments.. i want to see .. haha i didnt take that many though i dont think with other ppl

generally it was ok but the PICTURES WERE FRUSTRATING, wtf........ ppl were disorganized. it took them so long to change a background and whatnot'

[May26'2006 11:34PM]
69 Questions to Start the Summer

1. Are you in a relationship?

2. Do you hate more than 3 people?

3. How many houses have you lived in?

4. What is your favorite candy bar?
twix and any swiss/belgian chocolates

5. What are your favorite shoes?
keds, sandals, rainbow flipflops, boots

6. Have you ever tripped someone?
yes, hah

7. What was your least favorite subject this year?
statistics..just because of the workload

8. What was your favorite subject this year?
ap english literature, i actually liked it. and psychology.

9. Do you own a Britney Spears CD?
of course i do, who doesnt

10. Have you ever thrown up in public?

11. Name something that's always on your mind.
boys, HAHA

12. What is your favorite music genre?
alternative, rock,indie. i love bands like panic and pinback

13. whats your zodiac sign? cancer

14. What time were you born?
i think in the early morning

15. Do you like beer?
fuck beer, it tastes like diluted piss

16. Have you ever made a prank call?
haha i feel evil for saying this but yes

17. What is the most embarrassing CD you own?
who cares... maybe all

18. Are you sarcastic?
yeah sometimes

19. What are your favorite colors?
hot pink, pink, red

20. How many watches do you own?
3 but 2 broke =(

21. Summer or winter?
summer! i am a beach girl.

22. Spring or fall?
i like either, but probably spring just because its prior to summer which means its almost summer haha

23. What is your favorite color to wear?
peachy/pink colors, black, white, beige

24. Pepsi or Sprite?

25. What color is your cell phone?

26. Where is your second home?
the beach

27. Have you ever slapped someone?
on their butt or arm, never face or something.

28. Have you ever had a cavity?
yeah 3 when i was 8, since then..none. plus i lost those teeth, so right now NONE AT ALL

29. How many lamps are in your bedroom?

30. How many video games do you own?
i don't know . i just know i have some but i never play them

31. What was your first pet?
a pet dog

32. Have you ever had braces?
no =D

33. Do looks matter?
of course , to a certain extent , you know?

34. do you use chapstick
yeah i do

35. Name 3 teachers from your high school.
zides, chess, mia. basically, all my teachers at tp are WAY more chill than mission teachers.

36. American Eagle or Abercrombie?
a&f!!!!!! FASHO, the store smells awesome, too.

37. Are you too forgiving?
i forgive yet i will never forget.

38. How many children do you want?
2 or 3, maybe 3

39. Do you own something from Hot Topic?
no, EW. i don't like that store anymore. and it smells gross

40. What is your favorite breakfast?
just cereal or fruit, and i always have milk

41. Do you own a gun?
watergun maybe

42. Have you ever thought you were in love?

43. When was the last time you cried?
a while ago

44. What did you do 3 nights ago?
ok lets see, that was tuesday night.. and i did homework and ..go online haha

45. When was the last time you went to Olive Garden?
i've never been there because my parents forbid me to go there, they call it "shittiest fake italian food"

46. Have you ever called your teacher mom?
no..actually i say mia is like our second mom because she always cooks us food

47. Have you ever been in a castle?

48. What are your nicknames?
EVERYONE in san diego calls me V, i dont know how i got that but i like it.

49. Do you know anyone named Bertha?
no, goodness. i'd feel bad for that person.

50. Have you ever been to Kentucky?

51. Do you own something from Banana Republic?
actually..no but i do borrow stuff that belongs to my mom that was purchased there

52. Are you thinking about somebody right now?
ooo yeah =)

53. Have you ever called someone Boo?
no except this one girl i knew whose nickname was really "boo"

54. Do you smoke?

55. Do you own a diamond ring?
no lol

56. Are you happy with your life right now?
yeah i love it and i'm enjoying it to its fullest, yet i know how far i can take it..

57. Do you dye your hair?
i haven't since like..january

58. Does anyone like you?i dont know but i'm hearing some good things here and there

59. Do you like anyone?
its complicated

60. What were you doing May of 1994.
lets see.... i was a first grader learning how to read and write in the classroom probably.

61. Do you own a Backstreet Boys CD?
yeah like 2 actually

62. McDonald's or Wendy's?

63. Do you like yourself?
i'm alright

64. Are you closer to your mother or father?

65. Favorite body feature of the opposite sex?
EYES, hair, teeth, smile, stomach 8D, height

66. Are you afraid of the dark?
nah not really? unless its pitch black

67. Have you ever eaten paste?
HAHA toothpaste by accident, quite gross yet quite minty

68. Do you have a webcam?
yeah but its broken

69. Have you ever stripped?
oh of course but no further than the undergarments, come on now lets be realistic

[May18'2006 05:03PM]
I wanted Jade to win america's next top model !!!!! but its okay, i really like danielle!! its cool to see someone try so hard and come a long way..and accomplish it all

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME. star testing schedule was shweet because we didn't start school until 10 am everyday but tomorrow..ahh dreadful..we're returning to normal schedules =*(

[May16'2006 06:50PM]
today the weather failed.. went to the beach and it was cold!!!

does anyone know what breed of dog this is? i saw SO many in taiwan and my mom said if i reallyy wanted to she might let me bring one home to the u.s..they dont have it here..i dont know the breed name though. anybody!? anybody!?

i dont know why but i am sooooooooooooooooo stoked for prom. like crazy stoked.
ok last friday was crazy. my teacher didnt' show up for english..wtf?!? we waited for like a good 30-45 minutes and then we wrote a note on the board saying we were there..and left. HAHA jin roger antonina ayden max and i went to the beach. fun stuff.. then ayden roger and i got golden spoon
at night roger dafna tola and i got golden spoon again and then i got goldenspoon AGAIN on saturday and AGAIN today.. golden spoon..stop being so addicting!!!!!! you little fjska;fsjaljk! lol.

EEEEEEEE i bought fake eyelashes today. i don't know how to put them on. emily tran! and olivia! help me. haha

[May12'2006 08:30AM]
tagged by michelle

Once you are tagged you MUST write an entry about 6 weird habits as well as odd information about you. State this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.

1. i feel "naked" when my cellphone's not with me. its like O.M.G WHERE IS MY CELL!?????? i feel more naked without my cellphone than without my drivers license. thats how bad it is
2. i am obsessed with pretty cupcakes that have yummy pretty frosting and lots of sprinkles or confetti sprinkles! PRETTY!!!!!!!
3. i like it when my car gets sandy , i actually encourage people to just keep their sandiness on after a trip to the beach so i make myself believe that my car is a real beach car. how weird am i? just top that, plz.
4. i love to tell everyone how my bff mike raps and how he won this singing contest and i always tell him to rap in front of all the asian crowds we're hangin out with
5. when i go to the movies i never get popcorn.. i used to though like in junior high
6. if i'm not 100% satisfied with my restaurant service, i leave a 12% tip rather than a 15%

I tag: laverne, josie, christina, jin, stephchen, jacqueline k.
if you're already tagged, sorry lol

[May11'2006 05:24PM]
i am so disappointed with the world these days. no sun for soo long. there will be sun and then it mostly goes away for much of the day. gloomyness sucks because i've been looking forward to go to the beach for sooooo long (one week to be exact which is is a long time here, seriously)



[May04'2006 06:57PM]
i got a Diane Von Furstenberg dress for prom! i was soo amped when i saw it. all the marc jacobs stuff wasn't that good.. i think all the good ones already sold out . oh well.. Diane Von Furstenberg will do! haha my limit was $400 but it was on sale for only $200 (before it was $365) i think in this case i can for sure go to missions prom cos i can use the leftover money for the plane ticket. i was hesitant at first cos it'd be SO much money especially since i'm going to my school's, too! ..why are mission prom tickets ridiculously expensive!? they're only $80/couple here..


and i found marc jacobs shoes but they were $200 and i was like nah i don't wanna spend $200 on shoes, who does, right?

ps: i was disappointed with bcbg, not to mention EVERYONE is gonna wear that :p

[Apr26'2006 07:14PM]
If you are a senior, go to the counseling center this week and add your name to the college wall!
This is only the beginning of it! More than half of it is still blank :p

++++Collapse )

[Apr22'2006 09:50PM]
so right now i cant decide among ucirvine, ucdavis, and ucsb. i've visited uci and ucsb..and out of those two i prefer ucsb; i was really disappointed with uci.. didn't dig it much at all, the housing was nice..that was the only good part about it. going to visit davis on tuesday.

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